2-30 hp Single Stage Oil-less Compressors

QRD5 reciprocating compressor QRDS Duplex reciprocating compressor QRDS Cutaway

QRDS Profile Cutaway

Capable of virtually maintenance-free operation for up to three years (10,000 hours), hospitals, laboratories, dental offices, pharmaceutical and food processing companies all rely on the Quincy QRDS for clean, oil-less air. The QRDS runs slower and cooler than competing single-stage, oil-less compressors, which ensures efficient operation, lower maintenance costs and longer unit life.

At a glance   At A Glance

  • Sealed, pre-lubricated bearings
  • Free-floating piston pins
  • Standard air-cooled aftercooler
  • Teflon impregnated valve plates
  • Aluminum cylinders and head

Up Close   Up Close

  • 2-20 hp, 100 psig maximum
  • Single Stage, oil-less
  • PTFE piston and rider rings
  • Fan-blast-controlling air shroud
  • Cast iron crankcase

Download For more information, download the QRDS brochure from our Literature Library