5-30 hp Two Stage Oil-less Compressors

QRDS Duplex reciprocating comrpessor QRDT-30 reciprocating compressor QRDT-Cutaway


Using two stages of compression, the Quincy QRDT™ can deliver up to 150 psig pressure with an air-cooled intercooler and aftercooler as standard equipment. The Quincy QRDT two-stage, oil-less reciprocating air compressor meets NFPA99 requirements for hospital and medical compressed air.


At a glance   At A Glance

  • Sealed, pre-lubricated bearings
  • Free-floating piston pins
  • Air-cooled inter/aftercooler
  • Teflon impregnated valve plates
  • Aluminum cylinders and head

Up Close    Up Close

  • 5-30 hp, 150 psig maximum
  • Two Stage, oil-less
  • PTFE piston and rider rings
  • HAT switches in head
  • Cast iron crankcase


Download For more information, download the QRDT brochure from our Literature Library