Air Treatment

Quincy Air Treatment

Quincy offers air dryers, condensation management and other air filtration equipment that is designed to provide exceptional performance in all applications.  Quincy’s wide range of both refrigerated and desiccant dryers allows for the customer to select the best equipment to meet their application needs.  In addition to dryers, Quincy has air filtration systems that complement the dryer in removing water from the compressed air.  These products include particulate, coalesce and absorber type filters.  Extremely efficient Quincy mist eliminators are another option to insure a clean, dry air system. Lastly, no loss pneumatic and electronic drains are available to complete a total air treatment system.

Nano Air Treatment

Nano offers an extensive list of air purification products which include over nineteen (19) models of industrial filters, refrigerated and desiccant dryers, mist eliminators, oil/water separators, condensate drains, after coolers and other similar products. Nano is know within the industry for having a quality product backed by top notch customer service and support.

Zeks Air Treatment

ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions has been manufacturing compressed air treatment products since 1959.  Based West Chester, PA, ZEKS product line includes refrigerated and desiccant air dryers, filters, mist eliminators, flow controllers and numerous air treatment accessories.  ZEKS products are designed to minimize waste and maximize productivity across a broad range of industries and applications.

SPX Air Treatment

Hankinson has supplied quality compressed air treatment products to a wide range of customers since the Company’s inception in 1948. Hankinson is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and their product line includes the following:  Refrigerated and desiccant dryers, filtration technologies, condensate management and other related air treatment products.  Hankinson has manufacturing facilities located in three continents and their major product lines have obtained global certifications.

Allied Witan Air Treatment

Allied Witan Company has been manufacturing industrial noise control devices for over 60 years. Their product line includes numerous types of mufflers and filters which help to promote clean and quiet pneumatic operations within the industrial workplace.  Allied Witan products also help to promote a healthy and safe work environment.

Aircel Air Treatment

Aircel touts itself as having the most complete line of dryer selections in the air treatment industry. Since 1994, Aircel has been producing quality engineered products to industrial facilities all over the world.  From off-the-shelf products to custom compressed air systems, Aircel has the knowledge and experience to match the best products to your application needs.  In addition, Aircel prides itself on not only providing affordable, reliable air-drying solutions, but also for providing solutions that help to promote a clean and healthy work environment as well.

Dominick Hunter Air Treatment

Parker Dominick Hunter offers a wide variety of premium compressed air dryers.  If you have a dryer application need, Dominick Hunter can supply the appropriate equipment for your production needs.