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Industrial Compressed Air Services

Industrial Compressed Air Services

Air compressors are a vital part of operations at any industrial facility or machine shop. Compressors are valuable, versatile tools for applications like HVAC control systems, construction and manufacturing. They’re essential in completing many routine tasks around a facility, from cleaning to inflating to drilling and grinding.

That’s why it’s critical to have a reliable service provider to repair your equipment when it needs immediate attention.

Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. is the leading air compressor service and repair provider throughout the Southeast. Our long list of satisfied customers, coupled with our many decades of experience in the industry, give testament to the superior levels of service we provide. We handle everything from minor repairs to scheduled maintenance to large-scale installations.


Air Compressor Maintenance and Service

Our highly skilled technicians can provide repair or maintenance services for all types of compressors regardless of brand. We’re an authorized source for Genuine Quincy Compressor products in the region and a recognized distributor and service center for Kobelco KNW Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors in Alabama and Mississippi. Our team uses modern technology and tools to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible.



Explore some examples of the compressed air services we provide.


Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Compressed Air Technologies recommends having your air compressor set up on regular maintenance service intervals that match your application needs. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance will help to prevent costly downtime and major equipment failures. Compressed Air Technologies offers flexible PM programs.

Whether a customer prefers a formal contract or just a verbal agreement that can be canceled at any time, Compressed Air Technologies just wants to be your trusted service provider.

Complete Engineered Systems

Compressed Air Technologies has the expertise and knowledge to assist in any custom compressed air system your facility may require. Whether the design is a new system or a retrofit of an existing one, our depth of experience can support your goal of maximizing the efficiency of your compressed air system.

Air Audits & Training

Compressed Air Technologies offers complete air audit resources to review your entire compressed air system. Upon completion of the initial technical information-gathering phase, our Certified Airmaster Specialist will review the results and present a complete report. This report will include but not be limited to items such as efficiency maximization, opportunities to reduce energy costs,and recommendations for maintenance programs and/or equipment options to improve your overall compressed air system.

24-Hour Emergency Service

When your air system goes down, regardless of the time, Compressed Air Technologies has 24/7 emergency service. Just one call to our 24-Hour Emergency Service Number, 1-888-378-1728, will ensure a technician will be dispatched to your facility ASAP. In addition, our Service Technicians have fully stocked service vehicles (parts and tools) to help to minimize the length of downtime at your facility.

In-House Repair Services

Our service facilities offer complete repair and rebuild services such as air-end rebuilds as well as total unit rebuild capabilities.

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Industrial Compressed Air Services

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For more information about the parts, products and services we provide, please contact the facility nearest you or call our headquarters at 601-936-4887.

Locations include:

  • 7187 Old Craft Cove, Olive Branch — Memphis Office
  • 149 Godfrey Rd, Tupelo — Tupelo Office
  • 25 Maple Ridge Drive, Cartersville — Georgia Office
  • 4201 Mackinnon Industrial Pkwy, Mobile — Gulf Coast Area
  • 525 Galloway Circle, Alabaster — Alabama Office
  • 1758 Hwy 49 S, Richland — Corporate Headquarters