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Industrial water chillers are a high-efficiency, low-maintenance solution to heat transfer for your facility. They play a vital role in equipment protection and longevity while boosting product quality.

Compressed Air Technologies Inc. is your destination for market-leading commercial water chillers to meet your company’s heat exchange demands.

Pneumatech Water Chillers

Pneumatech has delivered standard and custom solutions boasting exceptional quality and long-lasting performance since 1966.

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Advanced Design and Robust Features

The Pneumatech engineers have crafted their water chillers for industrial applications spanning the spectrum from food processing to offset printing. Each style boasts high-efficiency condensers and safety features to prevent compressor overloads. Plus, high-tensile stainless steel maximizes heat transfer for even more efficient operations.

Pneumatech designs also allow easy maintenance thanks to accessibility openings on the compressor. A thermostatic expansion valve helps ensure reliable performance, while the bypass valve benefits from precision controls for more accurate temperature management. Additionally, adjustable fan cycles translate to consistent performance even when the surrounding temperature fluctuates. 

Benefits of Choosing a Pneumatech Water Chiller

Pneumatech water chillers deliver multiple benefits, including:

  • Optional upgrades: Add more precision with features like a digital temperature monitor displaying six essential measurements.
  • Quality assurance: Get peace of mind from knowing each unit undergoes comprehensive factory testing.
  • Closed-loop approach: Save on resource use by recapturing and reusing water within the system.
  • Longevity: Enjoy more durability with life-extending features like premium ball bearings, high-temperature alerts and compressor-protecting controls.

nano Water Chillers

nano is widely recognized as a global leader in compressed air chiller technology. Its popular C1 model evolved from over half a century of design improvements to deliver top-tier performance with incredible value.

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Exclusive NO FROST Technology in a Closed-Loop System

The C1 industrial water chillers feature patented technology with a built-in evaporator to maximize energy efficiency. This oversized component works with energy-conserving compressors to offer some of the lowest operating costs marketwide. 

Plus, this model includes a clean, effective closed-loop system. That configuration allows for more precise temperature management and swift load adjustments. It also reduces the potential for corrosion, waste and bacteria buildup found in open-circuit equipment.

More Benefits of nano Chillers

There’s more to love about investing in nano models like the C1, including:

  • Compact footprint: Maximize your production area by getting an end-to-end solution in a space-saving design.
  • Accessibility: Perform maintenance with ease thanks to fully removable panels.
  • Quality: Choose nano confidently, knowing their manufacturing standards meet rigorous ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Installation flexibility: The C1 is easy to operate and performs reliably in interior or exterior installations.

Mikropor Process Chillers

Mikropor traces its roots back to 1987, when it started with a forward-thinking vision to provide some of the industry’s best systems and solutions. The company embraces sustainability and innovation to craft advanced technology that’s effective and eco-friendly.

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Compact Unit With Powerful Performance

Mikropor’s MCHILL units are a completely packaged solution made to take up less floor space while optimizing the chilling process. 

Stainless steel water pumps and heat exchangers consistently deliver high performance while remaining highly responsive to demand changes. The closed-circuit style also provides high-precision temperature management, even in varying environments. Plus, a “global-design” approach to manufacturing has produced a unit capable of handling high ambient temperatures.

Mikropor Advantages

The MCHILL line provides owners with many benefits, including:

  • Lower production costs: Maximizing resource efficiency reduces waste and cycle times.
  • High-quality components: Mikropor partners with market leaders to source top-quality chiller parts.
  • Customizability: The company has numerous optional accessories to tailor its chillers for specialized applications.
  • Environmental friendliness: These chillers operate with R410A refrigerant for ecological responsibility.
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Why Work With Compressed Air Technologies Inc.?

For decades, companies countrywide have turned to Compressed Air Technologies Inc. because of our:

  • Availability: Our skilled in-house service teams provide around-the-clock emergency services to reduce downtime. 
  • Parts and service: We carry an extensive inventory of compressed air system parts, and our technicians have the expertise to service any compressor make and model.
  • Rental fleet: We can support temporary demand changes or provide a solution to emergency outages with well-maintained rental compressors.

In addition, we’re a full-service provider with a broad range of equipment, including these essentials:

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Meet Your Compressed Air System Needs With Compressed Air Technologies Inc.

Our highly skilled team proudly serves the southeast United States from multiple convenient locations. We can help you design the compressed air system you need for your most demanding applications by drawing on generations of knowledge and experience.

Reach out to us online or by calling 888-378-1728.