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System Audit

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When compressed air systems use accurate engineering and practical design, they can help a company realize thousands of dollars in savings. These savings translate directly into lower production costs to drive growth and form a competitive advantage.

Compressed Air Technologies Inc. proudly offers Quincy Efficiency Quotient (EQ) LTE instruments for compressed air audits — award-winning technology designed to identify potential wasted output and other system issues.

What Is Quincy EQ LTE?

Quincy Compressor developed the EQ process as a valuable service for helping compressed air system owners improve their system’s performance and efficiency. With a combination of data loggers, software and best practices, a system audit produces a blueprint for higher quality products, more throughput and downtime prevention.

Why Is a Compressed Air Audit for My Systems Important?

Perhaps the most expensive part of running your compressed air system isn’t the fuel it consumes — performance and design inefficiency could be costing more than you realize. Good system operation and layout extend to every system component, from piping to storage and flow. When examined closely, all of these can provide opportunities to gain cost savings.

Another issue an audit can assess is the impact of your system’s efficiency on maintenance and reliability. Well-designed and efficient systems typically require less upkeep and help prevent unplanned downtime. 

Since all of these factors can impact your bottom line, auditing is essential to understand how well your system runs and how to improve it.

How Does a System Audit Work?

The EQ LTE audit uses various sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). These sensors deploy at touch points across the supply and demand sides of your system to gather valuable data like:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Current and voltage
  • Moisture

Sensors do not interfere with your operations or equipment performance during the data collection process.

Conducting a system audit can reveal issues like unknown leaks, piping needing replacement and inadequate storage. The sensors will sample data frequently for a more robust analysis than a one-time reading can supply. After capturing the information, the IoT sensors forward it to a base unit which then transmits it to Quincy’s proprietary EQ LTE servers. There, the EQ+ software analyzes the data to provide a custom report detailing what the sensors discovered.

What Does My Report Include?

Your in-depth system audit report contains several valuable insights for your organization. 

Unique System Information

Deploying compressed air audit equipment in your facility reveals insights unique to your system and its performance. The powerful software analyzes your current compressor installation and its relevant components based on the sensitivity levels that make sense for your setup. With meaningful visualization and reporting, you have the precise information you need to make data-driven decisions for positive impact.

Improvement Recommendations

Each audit report also provides recommendations for mitigating inefficiencies. These can include actions like:

  • Reducing excessive header pressure.
  • Improving system upkeep.
  • Tracking pumps or other components.
  • Replacing piping and plugging leaks.
  • Stopping inappropriate system and compressed air use.

Along with the recommendations, you’ll receive potential strategies to help execute them, including equipment solutions where appropriate.

Savings Comparisons

Our system audits include a detailed savings comparison. You’ll see the accurate operating costs of your existing system versus those of the proposed changes. That means you have the factual information you need to make more strategic investments. Often, following the recommended blueprint yields significant savings that pay for themselves quickly in return on investment.

Additionally, you can prioritize the recommendations on your roadmap according to impact and budget constraints. Doing so allows you to make changes incrementally while still achieving measurable results.

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Why Compressed Air Technologies Inc. Is the Clear Choice

Companies countrywide make Compressed Air Technologies Inc. their destination for all their system needs, including audit services. They trust us because of our:

  • Experience: Our team has decades of combined experience and in-depth product knowledge of the solutions we offer.
  • Skilled maintenance and repair service: We have a highly qualified in-house team capable of maintaining and repairing any compressor make and model.
  • Emergency solutions: Our repair team is available around the clock, and we offer rental compressors to handle short-term needs and prevent downtime.

Plus, Compressed Air Technologies Inc. carries equipment to meet numerous application demands, including these and other options:

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