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System Audit

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EQ LTE Efficiency Quotient

In today’s increasingly competitive market, it is essential for a compressed air analysis to be accurate and extremely reliable. It’s more important than ever for end-users to understand and maximize the benefits of an efficient compressed air system. EQ LTE satisfies both requirements by offering quality assured products that are backed by exceptional software and service.

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Streamline Data Collection, Improve Analysis

EQ LTE data loggers incorporate high-quality sensors to collect and store data at high frequency from around the compressed air system.  This data is then wirelessly transferred from EQ LTE data loggers to a single EQ LTE base station which in turn transfers it via the internet to Quincy’s secure EQ LTEservers.

EQ LTE equipment consists of sensor products and data loggers for a variety of air analysis tasks, including:

  • Voltage/Current
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Moisture (dewpoint)
  • Flow
  • 4-20mA data logger

EQ Data Logging Equipment

EQis Quincy’s simple data logging equipment and software solution that enables compressed air systems to be easily analyzed. The intelligent software of EQ+ provides accurate results and clearly displays yearly energy savings. Save energy and cut costs thanks to our EQ data logging equipment.

  • Analyze current compressor installation
  • Compare energy savings against other Solutions
  • Help determine the ROI on solutions and proposal
  • Custom, detailed reports of proposals and highlight how much energy potentially could be saved


Why Efficiency Matters — a Corporate Perspective

The efficiency of a compressor can have a tangible effect on your bottom line. You need to know how much energy your current system is using and how much you can gain by implementing changes.

In a busy working environment, efficiency entails more than just the direct costs of fuel consumption. A more efficient, better-designed compressor will have fewer maintenance requirements and be less prone to breakdown — key benefits in terms of both your operating costs and overall productivity.

It’s not only the compressor efficiency that matters. Every detail in a compressed air system — from the piping, layout, filtration, storage and pressure flows — impact the potential for savings.

You’ll see the results of Total Customer Value in the efficiency of our compressors and the superior value they deliver for your purchasing dollar. To learn more about making your compressed air system as efficient as it can be, contact one of our expert partners. As trusted advisors, they can arm you with the information you need to make efficient and sustainable system choices.

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Compressed Air, Leak Detection

Digitally powered, we will record and download all your test data for compressed air inspection. We use a fixed frequency response along with UE Systems’ “Spin and Click” technology. You can adjust sensitivity, store and record data. Backed by Ultratrend DMS you’ll get all the data you need with all the features you expect from an Ultraprobe system to analyze test results and generate reports.

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Find Your New Compressor With Compressed Air Technologies, Inc.

If you’re considering a new air compressor for your operation, let the experts at Compressed Air Technologies help you make the right choice. We’re your single source for all your air compression needs, regardless of the size or type of operation. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.