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Flow Controllers

Flow controllers are essential for maximizing your compressed air systems while minimizing leakage. The ideal solutions also help maintain healthier plant-wide pounds per square inch (PSI) for optimal energy consumption.

Compressed Air Technologies Inc. proudly offers airflow controllers from some of the industry’s most well-respected manufacturers.

CAM Technologies Demand Expander™

Since its founding in 1992, CAM Technologies has been a pioneer in compressed air system automation and load management. Its engineers leveraged decades of industry experience to design the Demand Expander™, a pressure control solution with low loss levels and high accuracy for maximum efficiency. The unit precisely separates the supply and demand sides while maintaining stable pressure and availability.

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Demand Expander Benefits

Demand Expander offers numerous advantages for modern manufacturing facilities, including:

  • Reduced utility bills: Combining trim compressor isolation with event storage leads to decreased energy costs.
  • Lower plant-wide PSI: Achieving a lower overall PSI lessens wasteful leaks and unregulated airflow.
  • Higher productivity: Keeping availability consistent empowers higher throughput with less downtime.

Innovative Features

The CAM Demand Expander keeps pace with industrial modernization and new technology. Operators can use the unit via localized control or through CAMLink™ Online — a web-based platform allowing for remote control and system monitoring. Authorized users can configure custom setpoints and leverage rich analytics to identify patterns and improve performance.

Plus, the Demand Expander’s design achieves operation in considerably less time than standard regulators, which require higher pressure. The ability to store extra compressed air on the upstream supply side allows your facility to meet shifting demands without relying solely on compressor power.

Quincy Flow Controllers

The Quincy name has been synonymous with air compressor technology since 1920. This long industry history uniquely qualifies this team to develop some of the best flow control technology on the market. With robust design features and precise air management, there’s no need to operate above pressure to satisfy peak demand.

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Benefits of Quincy Flow Controllers

Our selection of Quincy compressed air flow controllers helps eliminate header pressure fluctuation. These variations can create issues with equipment and stall production. Quincy controllers help maintain steady header pressure, so you benefit from:

  • Less air consumption.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Fewer equipment requirements.

Intuitive Design Engineered for Reliability

Quincy compressed air controllers feature easy-to-read displays and convenient localized controls for quick adjustments. Design enhancements include noticeable valve position indicators to eliminate guesswork and integrated piping to simplify their installations. 

Additionally, Quincy air flow controls are durable, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability with a long life span. Their deliberately rugged construction is well-equipped to handle challenging industrial environments.

Pneumatech ConservAIR Flow Controls

Pneumatech is a global leader in compressed air flow control with roots dating back to 1966. Compressed Air Technologies Inc. carries a selection of Pneumatech ConservAIR devices with proprietary Intermediate Controls (I/C)® technology.

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Benefits of Pneumatech ConservAIR Controls

The I/C flow control empowers air release from stored supply to deliver advantages like:

  • Less air leakage for waste reduction.
  • Less energy use from reduced compressor horsepower.
  • Steady pressure and consistent delivery.
  • Lower utility costs.

Advanced Features, Quality and Return on Investment

Pneumatech has designed its compressed air management solutions for accurate and precise control while focusing on cost-effectiveness. For example, the S Series features multiple circuit parallels to prevent the need for more expensive electronic components, like proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers. This model also includes gauges with verified accuracy to within 1%.

Additionally, Pneumatech has a robust quality assurance program. Each flow controller undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure gauge performance and leak-free operation. Buyers can generally expect a return on their investment in about 18 months thanks to the measurable energy savings.

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Why Choose Compressed Air Technologies Inc.?

Compressed Air Technologies Inc. is a trusted partner for all your compressed air needs. In addition to air pressure control systems, we carry an extensive selection of products such as the following:

As a full-service provider, we offer supporting services to keep your production line running smoothly. Our highly skilled technicians repair and maintain any air compressor model and perform 24/7 emergency service. We can also help with short-term needs and unplanned downtime with a range of well-maintained rental equipment.


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Trust Compressed Air Technologies Inc. for Your Air Compressor Needs

Compressed Air Technologies Inc. maintains numerous locations throughout the southeast United States. Our knowledgeable team members can provide advice on selecting the right combination of equipment and services to meet your facility’s needs.

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