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Alabama Compressed Air Equipment & Services

Leading Alabama industries like automotive, agriculture, beverage production and metal manufacturing/finishing need compressed air to conduct their day-to-day operations. Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. is an experienced, full-service commercial/industrial air compressors supplier in Alabama cities like Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile. We have what you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Compressed Air Technologies has been serving the compressed air needs of companies throughout the southeastern U.S. for over 30 years. Expect high-quality products at competitive prices backed by timely, attentive service. 

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Commercial Air Compressors and Much More

We supply a wide assortment of air compressors from the top industry manufacturers. We’re an authorized Quincy Compressor distributor in Alabama — Quincy has been an industry trailblazer for over a century. We’re also proud to represent other leading equipment providers like Kobelco, Chicago Pneumatic, BOGE and Champion. 

You’ll find various types of air compressors for any need, budget and operating environment:

  • Rotary screw: These powerful industrial air compressors deliver optimal results in the most challenging facility or remote job site conditions.
  • Reciprocating: A reciprocating compressor offers a practical choice for smaller applications requiring a noncontinuous compressed air source. 
  • Oil-free: Consider this equipment if your work environment requires clean, contaminant-free compressed air. Rotary screw and reciprocating options are available.
  • Energy-efficient: These compressors feature an advanced design that reduces operating costs by minimizing energy consumption. They also provide excellent pollution control.
  • Climate control: Use these compressors with your HVAC systems to ensure they generate clean, dry compressed air with minimal contamination.

Additional Equipment for Sale

At Compressed Air Technologies, we strive to offer a diverse product selection to our Alabama customers. Besides air compressors, we also sell:

Full Range of Equipment Services

We also offer complete support to help you get the most from your air compressors and extend their life span. Our cost-effective preventive maintenance contracts ensure your equipment receives regular service and attention, minimizing the risk of mechanical failures. We can customize your plan to meet your company’s unique operating requirements and usage patterns. These agreements are also flexible — you can cancel them at any time. 

If you ever need reliable air compressor repair in Alabama, trust our experienced technicians to handle any challenge. We’re available to come to your facility and get your equipment back on the job. We can also deliver 24/7 emergency service. Additionally, our in-house services can accommodate more challenging tasks, including machine rebuilds. 

We work on equipment for all the leading manufacturers, whether you use Quincy products or any other brands. 

Other services we offer include custom compressed air system design and implementation. We also perform audits to make recommendations for improving efficiency.

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Your Best Source for Industrial Air Compressor Parts

When you need replacement parts for your compressors, you’ll find them at Compressed Air Technologies. We carry high-quality aftermarket parts and components that ensure long-lasting results. We have everything from pumps and pressure switches to lubricants, gaskets, fans and motors. Many of these products include warranties, a benefit that may not be available when you purchase parts elsewhere. 

Consider Renting Air Compressors From Us

If buying equipment isn’t the right solution for your company, Compressed Air Technologies can offer a more practical option. We also rent an assortment of oil-flooded and oil-free compressors, vacuum pumps and air treatment systems at competitive rates. 

Renting can provide the best results in many situations:

  • The compressors in your facility are down temporarily for maintenance and repairs.
  • You don’t have the funds (or don’t wish to use them) for a new purchase.
  • A one-off project requires specialized equipment.
  • Seasonal demands or an unexpected increase in business creates an immediate need for more compressors.
  • You’re spending more than you’d like on maintenance and repairs.
  • You need more room in your budget for other expenses.
  • Making a long-term commitment would reduce your company’s financial flexibility.

Why Choose Compressed Air Technologies?

Compressed Air Technologies is a customer-focused company that strives to establish long-term partnerships with every business we serve. Delivering superior service is important to us — our knowledgeable team will help you make the best decision, whether you’re looking to buy or rent equipment or need repairs. We also have in-house specialists who will make practical recommendations for increasing productivity and reducing costs. 

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Take the next step to finding the right compressed air solutions for your business. Call us at 205-685-8900 or 251-456-0040 (Gulf Coast region) or contact us online today.

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