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Compressed Air Equipment & Services in Georgia

Many Georgia businesses require reliable, hardworking air compressors to perform their daily activities. If your industry is automotive, food processing, manufacturing, agribusiness or any other that uses compressed air, turn to the experts at Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. for the equipment you need to get the job done. 

Compressed Air Technologies has been providing business-specific compressed air solutions for decades. You can trust us to have the right air compressors for your applications. You’ll also receive exceptional service to maximize your customer experience. 

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Our Selection of Commercial/Industrial Air Compressors in Georgia

At Compressed Air Technologies, we strive to fill every compressed air need in Georgia. You’ll find a wide selection of premium equipment from top manufacturers, ensuring the best quality, performance and durability.

As an authorized Quincy Compressor distributor in Georgia, we can provide you with a compressor from one of the oldest and most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Quincy products deliver uncompromising reliability and unmatched flexibility to resolve your most daunting compressed air issues. 

We also offer equipment from other industry leaders, including Kobelco, FS-Curtis, Puma, Sullivan-Palatek and Champion. 

Choose from several industrial/commercial air compressor types:

  • Reciprocating: These systems pull air into a crankshaft where a piston discharges the transformed gas. Consider these machines for less demanding compressed air applications.
  • Rotary screw: A rotary compressor delivers optimal performance in more challenging compressed air tasks. Two rotors generate pressure by forcing air through the system.
  • Oil-free: This equipment produces clean, contamination-free air with no traces of oil.
  • Climate control: Use these compressors with HVAC systems to prevent contaminants from entering heated or cooled spaces.
  • Energy-efficient: Make this your compressed air choice if you’re looking to lower utility costs and minimize pollution.

Other Products Available in Georgia

Compressed Air Technologies also provides these related equipment solutions:

Additional Compressed Air Services

Minimizing downtime is crucial for any air compressor owner. We offer a full array of services to keep your equipment in peak operating condition and extend its life span, regardless of the manufacturer or brand. 

Use our flexible preventive maintenance contracts to ensure your compressors receive regularly scheduled service and reduce the risk of significant equipment failures. These agreements are flexible and cost-effective and require no long-term obligation.

You can also count on us for expert industrial air compressor repair work in Georgia. Our well-trained, experienced technicians are available to respond to compressed air emergencies at your facility or remote job site. Our fully stocked service vehicles are always ready to roll. We also perform more extensive repairs in-house, including comprehensive equipment rebuilds. 

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Make Us Your Industrial Air Compressor Parts Supplier

Air compressors occasionally require new parts to keep them running, especially in high-demand applications. We offer a broad selection of high-quality aftermarket parts and components for all compressor makes and models. Our inventory includes lubricants, valves, motors, starters, filters and more. 

You’ll find the perfect fit for your equipment, ensuring maximum performance, reliability and safety. Warranty coverage is available with most products, providing extra protection. 

Consider Renting to Move Your Business Forward

Purchasing commercial air compressors may not work for every Georgia business. Renting equipment can often provide a more viable alternative for many companies. Our extensive rental fleet includes an assortment of air compressors, air treatment systems and vacuum pumps in various sizes, configurations and capacities. We offer equipment from Quincy and other leading manufacturers, ensuring the best quality and performance. 

Renting can benefit your business in several ways:

  • Fast access to equipment to help you stay on schedule
  • Flexibility to match machines with specific applications
  • Reduced maintenance and repair expenses
  • Freedom to test one or more models you’re thinking of purchasing
  • More control over the size of your equipment inventory
  • Newer rentals provide exposure to advanced technologies that deliver productivity and efficiency benefits
  • Improved cash flow by freeing up more working capital
  • No long-term financial commitments

Why Make Us Your Georgia Air Compressor Partner?

Compressed Air Technologies has been helping businesses in Georgia and throughout the southeastern U.S. meet their compressed air needs for over 30 years. Our commitment to customer service enables us to establish long-term partnerships based on integrity and trust. Our expertise can ensure your systems run efficiently, giving you more peace of mind. 

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Learn more about the many benefits of partnering with Compressed Air Technologies for your compressed air needs. Call our Georgia office at 470-524-1224 or contact us online for additional information today.

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