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Pipe Solutions

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Piping plays a vital role in your compressed air system for point-of-use delivery and ensuring air quality, optimal flow and minimal pressure drops. When it’s time to upgrade or replace your pipe system, Compressed Air Technologies Inc. can help. We carry an extensive selection of piping from the market’s most trusted manufacturers to support your plant operations.

AIRnet Piping

AIRnet compressed air pipe systems are a popular solution worldwide, with the company boasting over 10,000 distribution partners and 8,000 qualified service technicians. These systems boast an impressive 10-year warranty for extra peace of mind. Choose from three base materials according to your application needs:

  • Aluminum compressed air pipe for lightweight, corrosion-resistant installations
  • Stainless steel for increased air quality in demanding industries
  • Polyamide piping for delivering power to multiple pneumatic tools

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The Advantages of AIRnet Design

AIRnet is an end-to-end modular system, simplifying additions and reconfigurations while maintaining efficiency. The company provides robust design tools to allow you to create a custom system based on your needs. With these resources, you can automatically calculate pressure drops across the line to identify the ideal pipe diameter and length. 

Benefits of Choosing AIRnet

In addition to its innovative engineering and design tools, AIRnet offers companies numerous other benefits. These include:

  • Swift installation: The modular system deploys quickly, saving you time so you can get back to production.
  • Reduced emissions: AIRnet systems boast lower carbon dioxide emissions for better indoor air quality.
  • Industry expertise: The company has formed alliances with leading brands to bring rich collective knowledge to their design and manufacturing.

Infinity Piping System

Applied System Technologies developed the aluminum Infinity Piping to provide an all-metal solution with fast, easy connections and affordability.

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Infinity Piping Features

Infinity is available in four electrostatic-painted finishes and six sizes. It offers a superior tensile strength of up to 21,000 pounds per square inch and a high heat tolerance. Plus, Infinity boasts a high-flow design with extended seal life spans for long-lasting, leak-free operation. That translates to a high return on investment and significant utility cost savings.

Infinity Piping Benefits

Infinity Piping features a snap-together design to make installation a breeze. Its use of brass and nickel-plated compressed air pipe fittings means common hand tools are all you need to deploy the system safely. Lightweight aluminum provides durability, reliable performance and excellent corrosion resistance for various vacuum and compressed air applications.

The company also offers design consultation services to ensure your system meets your facility’s demands.

RapidAir Products and Accessories

FastPipe is RapidAir’s flagship piping for cost-effective solutions. The company specializes in one thing — compressed air pipes — to craft systems delivering superior quality and affordability.

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High-Quality Air and Flexible Design

FastPipe features a modular design that’s easy to install and represents a better alternative to traditional black iron or copper piping systems. 

With black iron pipe, the system often generates rust and debris that causes excess wear and tear on your equipment and accessories. Copper systems require specialized installation knowledge and tools, increasing costs and limiting later modification. Aluminum FastPipe is corrosion-resistant and entirely modular, so you get high-quality air and can quickly expand or redesign your system.

Additional FastPipe Benefits

FastPipe offers a host of other advantages, including:

  • Safety: The company’s aluminum piping meets regulations issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for system construction material.
  • High efficiency: FastPipe uses compression fittings to reduce air leakage, which can be as high as 10% in conventional systems with threaded fittings.
  • Simple installation: These pipes need no glue or soldering, reducing installation time and costs.
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Why Trust Compressed Air Technologies Inc.?

Plant managers and industry professionals have partnered with us for all their compressed air system needs for over three decades. In addition to our piping solutions, we provide in-depth expertise across a wide range of products like the following:

Compressed Air Technologies Inc. offers comprehensive support services to help keep your operations going. We have an in-house team of highly trained technicians with the parts and knowledge to repair any air compressor model. With around-the-clock service availability, they respond quickly to get your system back into production. Our team also helps with rental compressors for short-term demand shifts or emergency outages.

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Get the Solutions You Need From Compressed Air Technologies Inc.

We have numerous convenient locations throughout the southeast United States to serve you. Whether you’re looking for new piping or compressor service, our skilled team can help. 

Contact an expert online or by calling 888-378-1728 for personal assistance.