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This is how you preserve the power of air

 Design for performance and efficiency: use our smart calculation tools.

Match your piping material choice with your application to avoid corrosion and leaks and preserve your air quality and flow.

Consistently use the right point-of-use accessories to keep your system efficient end-to-end. Save time and money thanks to a safe and fast installation.

Benefit for decades from increased efficiency and lowered CO2 emissions.

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Infinity Piping System

Imagine a non-ferrous metal system that offers superior strength with a lightweight design or a system that’s easy to install, yet ensures high performance and versatility. At Applied System Technologies, that’s what we did to create Infinity—the first all-metal, quick-connect piping system at an affordable price.

Heralded for its innovative design, Infinity outperforms heavy, traditional steel pipe, without sacrifice of quality and safety typically associated with plastic systems. Its revolutionary push-to-connect design ensures a safe, leak-free system for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications.

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RapidAir Products & Accessories

FastPipe is today’s improved compressed air piping method that can be installed by one person, without any expensive tools, and connect to any existing piping system. Its long, straight pipes can be mounted on ceilings and inside or outside walls.

Other systems, like PVC, copper, and black iron, leak 8-10% of air through threaded connections, which taxes your compressor and adds to your utility bill. But FastPipe compressed air aluminum pipe connects perfectly through compression fittings. Sealed connections mean your compressor run time is less. The smooth inner wall and free flowing fittings also lower your compressed air costs.

RapidAir’s FastPipe aluminum compressed air piping is lightweight, making it easy to cut and lift. It is available in 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6” pipes and can be joined with our MaxLine system through pipe thread adapter fittings.

The FastPipe compressed air system is ideal for industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, small businesses, auto shops, heavy truck repair, and more.


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Find Your New Compressor With Compressed Air Technologies, Inc.

If you’re considering a new air compressor for your operation, let the experts at Compressed Air Technologies help you make the right choice. We’re your single source for all your air compression needs, regardless of the size or type of operation. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.