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Quincy On The Air

Compressed air is commonly referred to as a manufacturing facility’s fourth utility following water, electricity, and natural gas; making it a critical component in successful production. However, unlike other utilities obtaining the compressed air you need has previously required a large capital investment. With Quincy On The Air, also known as QOTA, purchasing your own compressor is a thing of the past. You can now pay for only the air you use instead of investing in the equipment itself. With QOTA compressed air comes at a monthly fee that is in line with your production. Run more, pay more. Run less, pay less. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of QOTA, while Quincy takes care of owning and servicing the compressors. Get the air you need with no capital investment!



What Is Quincy On The Air?

QOTA is a customer-friendly program available from Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. (CAT) designed to meet the compressed air needs of businesses like yours. In exchange for an affordable monthly fee, you’ll receive a fully installed air compressor from Quincy Compressor, a leading manufacturer of high-quality compressed air solutions for a broad assortment of industries, including aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, manufacturing and many others. You’ll also get complete service and support from start to finish.

Why Should You Consider Signing up for QOTA?

This comprehensive Machine as a Service (MaaS) program from Compressed Air Technologies and Quincy can deliver numerous benefits to your business. 

All-Inclusive Agreement

Quincy will provide everything you need to use compressed air in your facility or at your job sites. You’ll receive air compressors that deliver the horsepower, pressure and performance tailored to your unique operating environments. You’ll also have access to air dryers and whatever else you need to get the job done. Remote monitoring technology is also available to help you assess the equipment’s productivity. 

Your monthly fee also covers air compressor repairs and maintenance. You won’t have to worry about training a member of your staff to service the equipment or deal with expensive repair bills. A well-trained, knowledgeable technician will come to your facility or site to correct the issue. You’ll receive professional service and avoid the prohibitive costs that often accompany equipment ownership. 

As an authorized Quincy Compressor supplier in portions of Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas, Compressed Air Technologies can meet all service needs under the QOTA program. 

Pay for Compressed Air — Not the Equipment

With QOTA, you only pay for the compressed air you use, not the machinery that generates it. You won’t have to apply for a loan or incur interest payments from financing arrangements. Because you’ll avoid down payments and other significant upfront costs, you’ll have more funds available to allocate to other areas of your business operations. 

The QOTA program also contains no hidden fees or surprise charges. Your monthly payment covers it all — the compressors, installation, maintenance, repairs and compressed air production and usage. 

Less Risk

Choosing the right compressed air equipment for your applications can be challenging. The professionals at Compressed Air Technologies have the expertise to help you select the most appropriate machinery for your needs. We’ll help you determine if a reciprocating piston, rotary screw or oil-free compressor or another Quincy model is best suited for your operating environment. You’ll avoid getting a unit that delivers too much or not enough compressed air. 

Quincy products are known for their relentless reliability. Your air compressor will provide maximum uptime and enable you to avoid costly interruptions resulting from unexpected mechanical failures. 


Purchasing air compressors can be expensive, especially for larger companies that may require multiple units. Enrolling in QOTA is similar to signing up for data/internet service or a utility like electric or gas. The monthly fee depends on your company’s compressed air usage and not the equipment that delivers it, which can result in substantial long-term cost savings. 

The remote monitoring feature can also help lower your operating costs. The data provided by this tool via cellular connectivity provides predictive maintenance insight that’s essential for anticipating and correcting minor mechanical issues in the early stages. You’ll have fewer concerns about an unexpected breakdown that could put your operations behind schedule. 

Remote monitoring can also help you track energy consumption, allowing you to make timely procedural or equipment changes that could lower your company’s utility bills. 


Your company’s compressed air demands can change for many reasons, such as expanding or adding a facility, implementing new technologies or taking on more challenging projects or tasks. Whether you’re looking to scale upward or downward, the adaptability of QOTA can meet your evolving needs. Your system’s design should accommodate most usage fluctuations, and it also allows for more substantial alterations without capital investment or a prolonged approval process. 

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Contact Us to Learn More About QOTA

The Compressed Air Technologies team is ready to help you launch the QOTA program and experience its numerous benefits. Take the next step and contact us today. Call us at 888-378-1728, or submit our online form to request additional information.