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Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators

Many manufacturing and packaging operations worldwide use nitrogen gas as a vital part of their operational processes. Wineries use nitrogen as an alternative to carbon dioxide, metalworkers incorporate it in laser cutting, lightbulb manufacturers utilize it during the manufacturing process and food companies depend on it for their preservation and packaging processes. The benefits of having a nitrogen generator on-site significantly outweigh those of choosing to have someone deliver nitrogen cylinders from the outside.

At Compressed Air Technologies, we offer a comprehensive inventory of nitrogen generators for sale or rent that can meet the needs of your specific operation.

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PSA Nitrogen Generators vs. Nitrogen Membrane Generators

A pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator uses a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) to separate nitrogen molecules from compressed air. The CMS absorbs the oxygen under high pressure to create pure nitrogen. PSA systems use two or more adsorption columns — one type actively separates the nitrogen, while the other regenerates the nitrogen by stripping away oxygen and exhausting it.

A membrane nitrogen generator system functions through selective permeability. Each hollow fiber in the membrane system allows levels of gas permeation, causing the oxygen to separate from the nitrogen. The primary advantage of these systems is that there are no moving parts in the membrane.

While membrane generators are advantageous for their simplicity and portability, PSA generators work well in harsher, more demanding environments and produce higher purity levels.

Advantages and Benefits of Nitrogen Generators

Compared to outsourcing, having an on-site generator offers several advantages for industries using nitrogen in their operational processes. Some examples include:

  • Lower operating costs: Using a distributor to deliver nitrogen to your facility is significantly more expensive than generating it on your own.
  • Safety: When distributors furnish nitrogen to a facility, they use pressurized tanks that can be potentially hazardous to employees. Neither the PSA nor the membrane generation process requires chilling or pressurizing nitrogen to a dangerous degree.
  • Convenience: Having a nitrogen generator on-site means never having to depend on a supplier to deliver the product to your door.
  • Environmentally friendly: Using a generator reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions potentially harmful to the environment.


Brands of Nitrogen Generators We Offer

Regardless of your industry or application, our expert staff can work with you to develop a solution that emphasizes safety, efficiency and cost savings. Explore some of the manufacturers we work with.

nano nitrogen generators

Nano Nitrogen Generators

Several of the Nano models we offer for sale or rent are:

  • Ecogen 2 PSA Nitrogen Generators
  • Gen 2 PSA Nitrogen Generators
  • NMG Membrane Nitrogen Generators
  • VIN 2 Nitrogen Gas Generators (specific for wineries)

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grey PPNG Pneumatech nitrogen generator

Pneumatech Generators

Pneumatech engineers and manufactures standard and custom onsite gas generator equipment. Examples include:

  • Membrane Nitrogen Generators
  • PSA Generators
  • High-Pressure Nitrogen Skids

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sng bauer compressor

Bauer Nitrogen Generators

Bauer features a comprehensive product line of nitrogen systems suitable for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • SNGII Nitrogen Generators
  • SNG Nitrogen Generators
  • NitroMax Nitrogen Generators
  • BAUER NGM Nitrogen Generators
  • MNG Mobile Nitrogen Generators
  • MANCS Mobile Air/Nitrogen Charging Generators

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