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Media Blasting

Media Blasting

Abrasive media blasting is a material removal process that can clean and prep various substrates. Propelled by compressed air or water, abrasive agents collide with the substrate material. This process removes dirt and other unwanted materials.

Media blasting is an excellent method for cleaning contaminated surfaces with oxidation, oil or dirt. Some abrasive agents work better than others depending on the surface’s condition and the type of substrate. Many industrial applications use media blasting techniques to ensure coating adhesion while preventing rust, flaking, cracking or blistering of the final product.

The appropriate air blasting equipment depends on many factors, like the size, shape and type of material needing blasting. Media blasting requires a dry, clean compressed air supply. Moisture and oil will contaminate the surface and impair productivity.

Compressed Air Technologies offers a comprehensive variety of blasting equipment for sale and rent from some of the top manufacturers in the world. Let our expert staff help you find the ideal blasting solutions specific to your operation’s needs.

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Types of Pneumatic and Mechanical Blast Equipment

Some of the most common types of equipment associated with media blasting are:

  • Blast cabinets: A blast cabinet is an enclosed system that uses either suction or pressure to recycle the abrasive agent after blasting. It typically contains a containment cabinet, an abrasive blasting system, an abrasive recycling system and a dust collector.
  • Portable blast systems: Most portable blasting systems consist of a blast pot, a compressor, a blast gun, an air filter and a hose to facilitate the movement of the abrasive agent.
  • Blast rooms: Blast room enclosures work for blasting large components while providing a safe environment for operators. These enclosures contain large blasting systems for workpieces too large or complex for even the largest blast cabinet. 
  • Automated and robotic systems: Automation allows you to improve your blasting operation’s consistency, quality and productivity while reducing labor costs. Automatic blasting options range from standard blast automation to preengineered systems to fully customized equipment.
  • Dust collectors: Many dust collection systems work well for blasting applications. Dust collections systems can integrate into a blasting system to provide reclamation and cleaning of abrasive agents for reuse.
  • Air dryers and moisture separators: To produce the best blasting results, it’s often beneficial to use an air dryer or moisture separator to keep the compressed air clean, dry and cool.


Clemco Media Blasting Equipment

Clemco is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-powered blasting facilities, including portable blast machines, wet blast units and bulk blasters. Clemco also manufactures blast cabinets under the ZERO and Aerolyte Systems brands.

big clemco machine


  • Specializes in Portable Pressure Blast Units.
  • Units ranging from 0.5 cubic feet to 160 cubic feet
  • Blast nozzles, respirators, specialty blast tools

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zero machine


  • Semi and Fully Automated Blast Cabinets
  • Hand Cabinets

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Black Beauty


Meet our newest Best in Breed abrasive! BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum abrasive is a high quality calcium iron silicate media with enhanced cutting performance relative to traditional abrasive media. It’s an environmentally friendly media for the industrial, marine, oil, and gas industries for removing surface coatings such as rust, paint and scale from a variety of substrates, especially structural steel and concrete. Available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, it has a lower consumption rate than traditional coal, copper and glass slags. 

BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum’s up-cycled production is tightly controlled by Harsco Environmental. This means it’s vertically integrated and controlled from raw material to finished product. With this level of control throughout the manufacturing process you get a reliable and consistent media for your surface preparations needs. If you love the Original BLACK BEAUTY® then you’ll love Platinum even more. It’s the best in breed abrasive you can trust!

  • Certified SSPC AB-1 
  • Aggressive Angular Cutting Performance 
  • Safe for the environment, surface prep substrate, and the blaster 
  • Lower consumption rate than traditional slags (coal, copper, glass) 
  • Consistent surface prep profile 
  • “High free silica” products have been found to increase the risk of silicosis. BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum is classified as a “low free silica” abrasive and can be used when “low free silica” abrasives are specified.

Green From the Start – Harsco has been recycling by-products to minimize landfilling of wasted materials across the United States since the 1930’s.

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aerolyte machinery

Aerolyte Systems

  • Small Portable Blast Machines
  • Manual and Automated Cabinets
  • Pre-assembled and Custom Blast Facilities

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clemco industrial blast facilities

Clemco Industrial Blast Facility

  • Blast Room Enclosures
  • Abrasive Recovery Systems
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Pneumatic and Mechanical Systems

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The Benefits of Media Blasting Equipment and Abrasive Recovery Systems

Among the many advantages a successful media blasting operation can provide are:

  • Rust removal: Media blasting can remove corrosion and rust from a substrate, creating an almost brand-new surface in the process.
  • Superior prepping: Media blasting provides a clean product surface, allowing finishes and paints to adhere much easier.
  • Higher-quality products: Incorporating an effective media blasting process into your operation ensures an overall consistent, higher-quality product.
  • Damage prevention: Media blasting along with a coat of protective painting can provide a product with lasting durability.

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