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Reciprocating Air Compressors


Whether you need a reciprocating air compressor for agricultural purposes or dental tools, Compressed Air Technologies Inc offers a wide range of reciprocating air compressors. We invite you to contact our team to learn more about our selection today.

What Is a Reciprocating Air Compressor?

Reciprocating air compressors are versatile pieces of equipment that use crankshafts to pressurize gases to increase their density while lowering volume. During operation, a reciprocating air compressor moves air into the cylinder via a suction valve to form a vacuum. The pistons inside the cylinders then reverse their motion to begin compressing. Once the cylinder’s internal pressure exceeds the pressure in the discharge pipes, the valves open, and air flows out of the cylinder.

Quincy compressor all products

Quincy Compressors

Quincy and Compressed Air Technologies Inc have a long history of providing clients with superior products. You can enjoy engineering excellence with exceptional reliability by purchasing a Quincy air compressor in styles such as QGD or QGS through Compressed Air Technologies Inc. 
CPBG 20-34 air compressor series

Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic combines design with performance for a top-quality line of versatile and durable compressors.

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DIA ICS main screen view

Doosan Industrial Air Compressors

With over 100 years of perfecting air compressors under their belts, Doosan air compressors offer one of the most extensive ranges of rotary air compressor lines.

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rogers knw series blue

Kobelco Compressors

By providing high-quality engineering expertise, Kobelco is a global leader in compressor technology and innovation.

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Blue rodger k series air compressors

Rogers K-Series Family

With an emphasis on serviceability, reciprocating compressors from Rogers K-Series offer plenty of room for easy access and slower motor speeds for reduced wear and tear.

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blue boge air compressor

BOGE Compressors

BOGE has manufactured high-quality compressors for over a century. Whether you need an individual compressor or want to create a complete air system, BOGE offers various solutions to meet your business needs.

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champion compressor air station

Champion Compressors

Champion has been a reliable choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking for dependable compressed air systems for over 95 years.

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fs curtis compressor

FS-Curtis Compressors

FS-Curtis Compressors has been an industry leader since its founding in 1854 due to its durable compressors that can easily withstand various applications.

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Hertz hsc d series 4 air compressor

Hertz Kompressoren

Hertz Kompressoren utilizes new technologies that cross conventional boundaries to solve product development tasks and create additional value for customers. 

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Puma PU8 5080V air compressor

Puma Compressors

Puma air compressors are well known for their quality and product range for smaller air systems.

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sullivan palatek teal

Sullivan Palatek

With a focus on continual improvement and a desire to provide users with the ultimate product, the Sullivan Palatek team will meet your compressed air demands.

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Uses of a Reciprocating Air Compressor

Businesses of any size can benefit from using a reciprocating air compressor. Some of the most common uses of reciprocating air compressors include:

  • Sandblasters in machine shops or factories
  • Wood or auto-body sanding
  • Dental and medical tools

Air compressors are also a standard tool in the agriculture industry and are ideal for applications like:

  • Powering dairy machines
  • Activating ventilation systems in greenhouses
  • Spraying crops with fertilizers or pesticides

Plants that perform tasks like fabrication, assembly and refining use compressed air to power elements such as:

  • Air tools and automated machinery
  • Welding or cutting equipment
  • Production monitoring devices

In terms of daily use, air compressors are more vital to everyday life than people may realize. Refrigerators and freezers use reciprocating air compressors to cool air. Even recreational activities such as paintball and scuba diving require reciprocating air compressors.

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Benefits of Reciprocating Air Compressors

Reciprocating air compressors offer a variety of benefits.


Reciprocating air compressors require less energy while still producing high pressure, making the machine extremely efficient and ideal for applications requiring high pressure.


Customers can purchase reciprocating air compressors in oil-flood and oil-free options, meaning you will not be under restrictions from oil contamination and oil-flooded versions. You can also choose a tank-mounted or base-mounted machine to help with the placement position.


Reciprocating air compressors are durable and have low maintenance costs. Depending on the reciprocating compressors you choose, it can be a low-cost investment and result in a significant product life, meaning you don’t need to replace and upgrade the machine continually.

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Find Quality Reciprocating Air Compressors With Compressed Air Technologies Inc

When finding the right air compressor for your business, choosing a company that will save you money while granting peace of mind is essential. At Compressed Air Technologies Inc, our team has years of experience matching businesses with the right air compressor for their needs. We are proud to share our expertise with our customers. Browse our selection or contact our team by completing our online contact form to learn more.

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