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ReelCraft Reels


Whether you work in an auto shop, chemical plant or woodworking studio, you’re likely working with countless hoses, cords and wires. These tools transport liquids, clean materials and supply power to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. 

Yet, cords and hoses tend to become unorganized and tangled, often scattered across the floor and left in haphazard piles. This inadequate management leaves your employees susceptible to injury, causes unnecessary and premature damage to the cords and hoses you require and detracts from your site’s productivity. 

Investing in a heavy-duty cord reel will transform your work area to preserve your tools and streamline your processes. We carry reels from ReelCraft, a manufacturer committed to producing durable, long-lasting solutions you can count on since 1943. 

As the foremost supplier of industrial air hose and cord reels, ReelCraft has established a reputation for producing the highest-quality products possible. They spend months with each design, fine-tuning every detail and testing its capabilities. You can trust ReelCraft from the moment you clock in until you lock the doors to head home.

Advantages of Industrial Hose and Cable Reels

Your operations’ success heavily relies on the condition and set-up of your workshop. ReelCraft hose reels will enhance your area, providing unrivaled protection to your equipment while keeping tasks on schedule. These reels are cylindrical spindles typically installed in a fixed location, offering convenient storage and utilization of cables, hoses and cords. Regardless of your application, these valuable pieces of equipment provide a wide array of benefits, such as: 

  • User-friendly: Select hand crank, spring retractable or motor-driven configurations to effortlessly provide power, air or fluids to required areas. 
  • Organization: Keep your cables neatly rolled up and out of the way to maintain a clean and well-ordered workspace. 
  • Safety: Remove cables and hoses from the ground and other areas to decrease risks of tripping and fire hazards. 
  • Productivity: Place reels in convenient, easy-to-access locations to utilize your tools immediately. 

Types of ReelCraft Reels We Carry

ReelCraft maintains one of the largest catalogs of American-made reels in the industry, supplying cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of various sectors. Quality is at the heart of their full-scale pursuits, from the design phase to assembly. ReelCraft supports each product through the Quality Management System, which gained its ISO accreditation in 1996 and is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Intertek. You can count on a superior product built to increase your site safety and efficiency. 

While their engineers design most of their products to transport air and liquids, they also provide reels to deliver grease, chemicals, electricity, welding gases, water, diesel fuels and more. Each option has the strength and capability to handle lengths up to 600 feet and thicknesses up to four inches. Whatever your application, ReelCraft has the solution you need. Compressed Air Technologies is a proud distributor of ReelCraft cord reels and hose reels, offering access to: 

  • Air hose reels
  • Cord and cable reels
  • Water hose reels
  • Welding reels
  • Twin hydraulic hose reels

Choose Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. for ReelCraft Hose Reel and Cord Reels

Compressed Air Technologies is the premier distributor of ReelCraft reel products, ready to address your end-to-end compressed air demands. We have been in business for decades, supplying professionals across countless industries with high-quality products and services they can stake their name on. With proven expertise, we are the leader in the Southeast U.S., operating out of five locations across Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Arkansas. 

Our highly trained team has decades of experience, giving them the knowledge and skills to sell and service a wide array of compressors, air treatment products and accessories. We’re committed to developing lasting relationships while solving challenges, keeping costs low and being the support you deserve. Whether you’re looking to enhance your equipment or need assistance keeping your air compressor in top condition, Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. is the team you want by your side. 


Contact Our Team to Learn More

Whether you’re looking for an industrial air hose reel or a robust cord reel, Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. has what you need. We are an authorized ReelCraft dealer, offering matchless access to the world’s finest reels to satisfy your comprehensive compressed air needs. 

Our experts have the expertise to help you find the right reel for the job, ensuring it seamlessly fits within your workspace to enhance organization and keep your employees on schedule. We also offer 24/7 emergency services to give you the peace of mind of a capable repair and maintenance team by your side when accidents happen. 

If you want to learn more about how Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. can benefit your business, call us at 888-378-1728 or contact us online to speak with a representative today!