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Air Treatment

quincy compressor air treatment products

Types of Air Treatment Equipment

While it’s impossible to prevent moisture from entering your air compressor, you can control or even eliminate most of it by using certain types of air treatment equipment. Some common examples of air purification equipment we offer include:

  • Air dryers: Compressed air dryers are filter systems that remove water inherent in compressed air. The four primary air compressor dryer types are refrigerated, desiccant, chemical and membrane air dryers.
  • Condensation filter systems: Air compressor condensate drain systems typically contain oil and water separators for draining potentially harmful condensate, preventing improper filtration and disposal.
  • Mist eliminators: These devices remove contaminants from process air emissions resulting from mist droplets. These contaminants can include machine coolant, oil, chromic acid, sulfuric acid and other mist types.
  • Aftercoolers: An aftercooler is a mechanical heat exchanger that removes moisture and heat from a compressed air stream. It ensures air is dry and cool enough for use in air-operated equipment.

Explore some of the brands of air treatment equipment we offer for sale and rent.


Quincy Air Treatment Products

Quincy offers air dryers, condensation management and other compressed air filtration equipment that is designed to provide exceptional performance in all applications.  Quincy’s wide range of both refrigerated and desiccant dryers allows the customer to select the best equipment to meet their application needs.  In addition to dryers, Quincy has air filtration systems that complement the dryer in removing water from the compressed air.  

These products include particulate, coalescing and absorber-type filters.  Extremely efficient Quincy mist eliminators are another option to ensure a clean, dry air system. Lastly, no loss pneumatic and electronic drains are available to complete a total air treatment system.

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Quincy compressor air treatment products

Standard Filters

To complement Quincy compressors, we offer a large selection of air filtration systems designed to work with our products. Standard filters include bulk liquid removal, standard coalescer, fine polishing coalescer, dust and particulate removal,  and vapor / odor removal, all of which feature push-to-fit design, multi-wrap element construction and a 10-year warranty on aluminum or steel housing components.

Quincy high pressure filters are built for heavy-duty use. Their unique design features a coalescer to remove liquid aerosols and an activated carbon absorber to reduce odors and vapors. To accommodate many different potential applications, high pressure air filtration systems are available with pipe sizes ranging from ¼” to 2” in diameter.

Use Quincy mist eliminators to remove oil, particulates and water from compressed air with exceptional efficiency. Our products feature a unique double element design that uses a combination of impaction, interception and Brownian movement to remove 100% of particles 3 microns or larger and 99.5% particles as small as 0.01 micron. Rounding out our selection of air filtration equipment, we also offer high-quality, specially blended borosilicate glass microfiber elements compatible with all major manufacturers’ products.

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quincy mist eliminators

Mist Eliminators

The Quincy Mist Eliminator is a heavy-duty coalescing type filter engineered to efficiently remove oil, particulate, and water from compressed air. By using a combination of impaction, interception and Brownian Movement, the Quincy Mist Eliminator achieves 100% efficiency in removing particles 3 micron and larger, 99.98% of 0.1 micron and larger and 99.5% of 0.01 micron and larger. Typical pressure drop is less than 1 psig. Average element life in continuous service is 10 years.

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quincy hp filters

High Pressure Filters

Quincy’s aluminum alloy, 750 psig, high pressure filter lineup offers two levels of coalescing and an activated carbon absorber. The coalescers remove various levels of liquid aerosols and the activated carbon absorber removes vapor and odors. Quincy’s line of 316 stainless steel filters offer a stainless steel tie rod design on 1,500 and 5,000 psig models.

  • Aluminum alloy
  • 316 stainless steel
  • 750, 1500 & 5000 psig
  • 28 to 3000 cfm

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quincy compressor condensate management products

Condensate Management

Quincy condensate management products provide a number of important air treatment functions. We manufacture no-loss pneumatic (QDD) and electronic (Q-MAT) drains that offer reliably efficient performance, as well as electronic timers for coordinating industrial processes. We also offer the QOCS series of condensate purifiers, available in up to 5300 CFM configurations to accommodate multiple compressor units. Features include a carbon-free filter media that removes all compressor fluids, including polyglycols. To simplify maintenance, filter cartridges are removable, allowing for easy disposal of contaminated condensate.

  • Drains
  • Condensate Purifiers

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More Air Treatment Brands & Equipment

collection of nano air treatment products

Nano Air Treatment

Nano offers an extensive list of air purification products which include over 19 models of industrial filters, refrigerated and desiccant dryers, mist eliminators, oil/water separators, condensate drains, aftercoolers and other similar products. Nano is known within the industry for having a quality product backed by top-notch customer service and support.

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zeks multiplex machinery

Air treatment products from ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions are utilized in every segment of industry, affording companies high quality compressed air for everything from general shop use to specialized processes. ZEKS products can be found in most all industries that use compressed air, including: Automotive; Chemical; Food/Beverage; Foundry; Textile; Paint/Coatings; Communications; Electronics; Lumber; and Mining. From large manufacturing facilities to small applications, ZEKS dryers, filters and flow controllers along with many accessory products consistently and reliably provide clean, dry compressed air and condensate management.

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Since 1966, Pneumatech has provided industry-leading compressed air treatment and gas generation solutions to customers across the globe. We pioneered external heat regenerative dryers, introduced variable speed technology on refrigerant dryers and pushed the energy efficiency of nitrogen and oxygen generators to the highest level. Our innovative products and solutions provide clean, dry air and gas to general industries as well as automotive, textile, power generation, oil & gas, food & beverage and electronics.

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aircel machine kit

Aircel Air Treatment

Aircel designs and manufactures both off-the-shelf and custom compressed air systems including heated/heatless desiccant air dryers, and cycling/non-cycling refrigerated air dryers — from small point-of-use dryers to large custom engineered compressed air dryers — a complete line of filtration and separation products to meet your exact needs.

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Parker Domnick oil free air treatment system

Parker Domnick Hunter


Water vapor is water in gaseous form and will pass through water separators and coalescing filters just as easy as the compressed air. The ability of air to hold water vapor is dependent upon its pressure and its temperature The heart of any compressed air treatment solution is a dryer, it’s purpose, to remove water vapour, stop condensation, corrosion and in the case of adsorption dryers, inhibit the growth of micro-organisms.

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spxflow machinery

SPX Air Treatment

Hankinson has supplied quality compressed air treatment products to a wide range of customers since the Company’s inception in 1948. Hankinson is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and their product line includes the following:  refrigerated and desiccant dryers, filtration technologies, condensate management and other related air treatment products.  Hankinson has manufacturing facilities located in three continents and their major product lines have obtained global certifications.

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mikropor air treatment


Mikropor America produces Atmospheric Air Filtration and Compressed Air Systems for variety of industries. With its wide product range and integrated solutions, Mikropor America is also inventing the future of the air related products.

Mikropor America products include: Air/Oil Separators, Refrigerated and Desiccant Air Dryers, Compressed Air filters, after market replacement elements, Air intake filters and Oil filters for compressors.

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van air treatment

Van Air 

Van Air Systems has emerged as a leader in the compressed air dehydration industry by applying its technical experience and expertise acquired over the last 65 years. Van Air Systems now offers various technologies to remove moisture from compressed air to ensure long lasting pneumatic equipment and ensure the best quality out of your processes.

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Air Treatment Best Practices

While compressed air offers many benefits, it produces moisture harmful to equipment and the environment. All air contains water vapor. The amount of water held by the air varies with temperature and pressure. The higher the temperature, the more water air can hold. 

That’s why humidity tends to be higher in warmer months than in the winter. When moisture levels are high, it’s essential to use air treatment equipment with your compressor. At Compressed Air Technologies, we offer an extensive line of air treatment equipment manufactured from some of the world’s most trusted brands.

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