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Breathing Air Systems

Breathing Air Systems

Indoor air quality plays a vital role in employee health, comfort and productivity in any manufacturing or industrial setting. Good ventilation can save energy while improving indoor air quality, creating a more efficient and optimized working environment. An effective breathing air system reduces air contaminants, draws in the fresh air, expels carbon dioxide and controls temperature and humidity.

Whether your work involves blasting with fine abrasives, applying finishes to consumer products or cleaning tanks in hazardous spaces, high-quality breathable compressed air is necessary to ensure your employees’ safety.

At Compressed Air Technologies, we offer various types of breathing air systems for rent or sale that can help improve the ventilation in your facility. Our knowledgeable staff can help you develop an air purification strategy specific to your industry or application. We are an authorized distributor for Nano and Bauer air-breathing equipment, so we can offer one of the most extensive inventories available throughout Alabama and Mississippi.

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Breathing Air Purifiers

Our systems provide a safe, reliable means of purifying compressed air to a level suitable for respiration, including applications requiring high-pressure breathing solutions. Most of our equipment meets the necessary Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and compliances for specific industrial operations. Some of the most popular types of breathing air equipment we offer include:

  • Portable breathing air cases: This equipment offers a mobile solution in an impact- and water-resistant case for one or more users, ideal for anyone who needs a system on the go. These units feature filters, water separators and carbon absorbers to remove moisture, odors, taste and oil aerosols all in one process. The cases include pressure regulators and carbon monoxide monitors to ensure reliable, safe operation.
  • Breathing air panels: Air panels are ideal for indoor applications that do not require the portability of a case. Panels offer the same benefits as portable air cases while providing higher maximum flow rates. Panels mount easily to walls in areas that require breathing air regularly, like a paint booth, hazardous area, confined space or tank-cleaning location.
  • Breathing air modules: While some breathing air equipment removes oils, particulates, odor and taste, our modular air purifier systems go one step further by eliminating carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases. The system removes water vapor in the first stage and uses carbon to eliminate hydrocarbons, odor and taste in the second stage. The system uses a magnesium-based catalyst to destroy carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide during the final phase.

Explore some of the specific manufacturers we work with.


Parker Domonic Hunter breathing air system

Parker Domnick Hunter

BAM Breathing Air

Skid mounted, seven stage breathing air system providing breathing air with CO/CO2 reduction for high-capacity multiple personnel breathing air applications at volume flow rates up to 1426m³/h @ 7 barg.

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white deltech spx flow dm series

SPX Del-Monox Series – Breathin Air Systems

The Del-Monox® air purification systems provide a highly effective means to control exposure to respiratory hazards in the workplace. For more than half-a-century workers around the world have experienced the benefits of the Del-Monox® system.

To achieve these safe breathing levels supplied to air respirators, hoods and masks quality breathing air must not come from a compressor alone. The Del-Monox® offers a compressed air source that is independent of the surrounding atmosphere, scrubbing away a variety of contaminants from the ambient and compression processes.

Deltech is committed to setting a standard of excellence in today’s marketplace for quality compressed air solutions and as a leader within the industry, Deltech is dedicated to further implementing innovative air treatment products inspired by our valued customers.

This is equipment is intended for industrial applications only. Consult factory for non-industrial applications.

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nano breathing air kit


Nano-purification solutions is a leading manufacturer of breathing air products and has the experience to recommend, provide and support your breathing air system needs. The Nano B1 breathing air systems use the latest technology to provide clean, reliable and safe breathing air needs that meet or exceed global standards.

Types of Nano B1 breathing air systems:

  • Breathing Air Panels
  • Portable Breathing Air Cases
  • Modular Breathing Air Purifier

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ba pneumatech machine

Pneumatech Breathing Air Purifiers

The Breathing Air Dryer range assures safe working environment in a wide range of applications. Built to exceed standards, Breathing Air Dryers provide certified breathing air, even in situations with polluted intake air to ensure personnel safety at all times. The seven-filtration stages of the Breathing Air Dryers have been carefully designed to make sure the air quality at the outlet complies with stringent international standards.

 Advantages of our breathing air dryers

Seven-stage filtration: Carefully designed to make sure the air quality at the outlet complies with EN12021 and European Pharmacopeia

Compact: Compact and easy to connect design make the purifiers a perfect solution for your breathing air needs

High-quality: Guaranteed air purity thanks to highly efficient glass fibre media; significant energy savings with lower pressure drops

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Baurer breathing air system product


Bauer has been providing high-quality, field-proven, high-pressure breathing air solutions to worldwide customers for over 70 years. Bauer products are known for their innovative design and unmatched reliability and durability.

Types of Bauer breathing air systems:

  • Dive Products: 3 and 4 Stage High-Pressure Breathing Air Systems
  • Dive and Fire Products: 3,4 and 5 Stage High-Pressure Breathing Air Systems
  • Fire Products: 3,4 and 5 Stage High-Pressure Breathing Air Systems, Multi-Functional, Rechargeable and Mobile Systems

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green air compressor

Sauer Compressor

Sauer Compressors USA offers a full range of high-pressure compressors which are ideally suited for professional breathing air applications even in continuous operation.

In addition to breathing air systems for government customers and navies, Sauer also offers individual solutions for professional diving companies and offshore service providers. Based on the robust Sauer high-pressure compressors, Sauer also supplies complete breathing air solutions including breathing air filtration and filling panels.

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The Benefits of Using a High-Quality Breathing Air System

The specific model and size of a breathing air system depend on many factors, including the types of contaminants in the air and how many employees will use it. Once you determine the optimal approach for your application, some of the advantages you might see are:

  • Improved comfort for employees.
  • Boosted worker productivity.
  • Reduced employee sick time.
  • Controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Regulated energy costs.

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air compressor fans lined up

Explore Breathing Air Solutions With Compressed Air Technologies

If you’re considering implementing a high-quality breathing air system into your operation, let the Compressed Air Technologies team help you find the perfect solution. We’re your single source for all your air purification requirements, regardless of the size or type of your operation. Contact us today to learn more about how our products and services can benefit your business.

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