Quincy Compressor Products

QGS Compressors

5-30 HP, Belt Drive
40-100 HP, Gear Drive
16-415 acfm, 100-150 psig
62-69 dBA
Integrated Dryer Option
True Blue 5-Year Warranty

QGD Compressors

15-60 HP, Gear Drive
82-295 acfm, 100-150 psig
No Belts
Airlogic 2 Advanced Control
Network up to 6 machines
True Blue 5-Year Warranty
*Also available with a Variable Speed Drive in the QGDV Option

QSI Compressors

50-350 HP
252-1521 acfm, 100-150 psig and 210 psig available on some models
Available in Air or Water Cooled
100,000 HR + rated Airend
As low as 66 dBA
Royal Blue 10-Year Warranty
Available with Power$ync©

QGV Compressors

40-200 HP
210-976 acfm, 100-150 psig
Holds pressure to within +/- 2 psi of set point
NEMA 4 Badger Environment Option Available
Low power consumption
Direct Drive Airend
Sound levels as low as 68 dBA
Royal Blue 10-Year Warranty
Capable of 85% turndown

QR 25 Compressors

1-25 HP Heavy Duty Reciprocating Compressors
500 psig max
100% Duty Cycle Rated
Electric, Gas and Diesel driven units available
Loadless Starting
Low Maintenance Requirements
Available in Single and Two Stage Configurations
Pressure Lubricated

QP Compressors

5-15 HP Industrial Duty
175 psig max
Auto Start/Stop -10 HP
Dual Control 15 HP
Fully Pressure Lubricated
Two Stage Design
Electric, Gas and Diesel driven units available

QT Compressors

3-15 HP Standard Duty
175 psig max
Two Stage Design
Splash Lubricated
Auto Start/Stop 5-10 HP
Dual Control 15 HP
Extended Warranty available                                                                                                                       Electric, Gas and Diesel driven units available

Climate Control Compressors

½-20 HP
Up to 100 psig
2 ppm oil carryover
Single and Two Stage available
Designed specifically for HVAC control
Retro Fit Pumps available for older system upgrades